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“Welcome to IFS, how may we help you?”

Company Mission

The thrust of our success is honesty and product knowledge. Our motto is to service our clients in a manner that creates and sustains a loyal healthy relationship between IFS and all of our clients.

Our in house Customer Service Experts will work with you to find the best solutions to your problems or needs, exceed your expectations, and deliver with speed and accuracy unparalleled in the industry.

Company History

Mike Bonde

In 1983, after seeing the need for a different kind of packaging company, Mike Bonde started IFS out of his garage. With relentless face to face promotion and sales calls, Mike adapted the motto "Open seven days a week, 24 hours a day", that attitude and drive is what makes IFS the customer’s choice today.

As IFS began to grow over the years, they knew that the quality of the customer service was essential to their success. That’s why when you call upon IFS to meet your packaging needs, you will be met by Knowledgeable Customer Service Reps, not just someone on the other line. Our staff of Customer Service Experts, with years of experience in the packaging industry, has the product knowledge to get you to your goals, and exceed them.


Today you will find IFS with shipping points in; Chicago IL, Mobile AL, Fargo ND, Minneapolis MN, Los Angeles CA, stocking everything you need to fulfill your packaging needs. We use only the best tooling, parts and machinery from around the world, and our staff members are relentless in searching out new innovations and products.


If the success of a company is calculated by the staff, then you have found the company for you. And we look forward to solving your packaging needs.

Thank you from Industrial Fairway Supply

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